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Is your dry cow program good enough?
Posted by Bradley Mills

You do all you can to improve the wellness of your herd and the profitability of your dairy operation. But are you doing right by your dry cows? Milk quality and greater returns begin on the last day of lactation. And a really good dry cow program includes three steps:

  1. Treat — Begin dry off with a broad-spectrum dry cow tube labeled for the major mastitis-causing pathogens.
  2. Seal — Protect your investment and seal out mastitis during the dry period by using an internal teat sealant.
  3. Boost — Vaccinate for Escherichia coli (E. coli) mastitis to help boost cows’ immunity against coliform mastitis.

Hear from producers who are taking these three steps to increase production, profitability and milk quality on their dairy operations.

  • Video: A complete dry cow program pays
    • Koen Ally, manager of Optima Dairy in Friona, Texas, discusses how a comprehensive approach at dry off leads to a successful lactation and a better bottom line.
  • Video: Dry cow management must haves
    • Nathan Moroney, dairy manager at Del Rio Dairy in Friona, Texas, discusses the dairy's dry cow must-haves, including a dry tube, an internal teat sealant and an
      E. coli mastitis vaccine.


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