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We help you understand genomics
Posted by Cheryl Marti

Genomics isn’t new. For years, you have heard about the genetic power available from just a hair or blood sample. You may have even made the decision to test a few heifers.  

Then the results came back as a spreadsheet or stack of printouts with predictions for more traits than you perhaps even knew existed. The data was potentially powerful, but without a partner to help you interpret, it remained just data. Genomics without an action plan is just numbers on a page.

Zoetis recognizes that action-oriented producers like you need someone to help you put the power of genomics to work.

With CLARIFIDE®, you get more than genomic testing. Our team of technical experts helps you create a genomics strategy for selecting and managing dairy females for the best possible return on your calf-raising investment. You can see the potential of each heifer born.

Dairy producers and veterinarians have seen the power of using CLARIFIDE on their dairies.

  • Mike Bruette needed a better way to manage his replacement heifers after expanding his herd.
  • Arlan Vander Woude wanted to make genetic advancements in his herd as fast as possible.
  • Veterinarians, such as Dr. Jack Hansen, see how genetic improvements help overall herd health.

Genomics isn’t about numbers on a page. It’s an opportunity to determine the future success of your dairy. CLARIFIDE gives you that power. Learn more about CLARIFIDE from your local Zoetis representative.

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