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Don’t let reproductive protection fall short
Posted by Greg Edwards

A great deal of time, energy and money is invested to ensure reproductive success, and a well-planned vaccination program can help maximize your investment in reproductive success by limiting problems caused by reproductive diseases.

When choosing the best vaccines for your herd, make the needs of the developing fetus your priority. More than 100 reproductive vaccines are approved for use in cattle. Only a few offer reproductive protection against bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) Types 1 and 2, persistently infected (PI) calves, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) abortions and Lepto hardjo-bovis, along with approved duration of immunity (DOI) claims.

DOI is an important factor to help ensure protection through the critical risk periods when the dam and/or fetus can be at highest risk from exposure to a pathogen. 

Critical risk periods vary by pathogen:

  Days of gestation
       • BVD 0 to 281 days
       • BVD PI 40 to 120 days
       • IBR abortion 0 to 281 days
       • Leptospirosis (Lepto hardjo-bovis) 0 to 95 days
       • Leptospirosis (other species)* 0 to 281 days

*No vaccines have an established DOI other than for Lepto hardjo-bovis.

Consider these factors when determining the DOI needed for optimum protection of your cattle:

  • When vaccination occurs (dry off, close up, post-fresh, etc.)
  • When breeding begins
  • When animals become pregnant
  • Critical risk period for each pathogen

To stay ahead of disease issues that can affect your reproductive program, select a vaccine with a demonstrated DOI that helps provide protection through the critical risk periods for the most common reproductive pathogens. BOVI-SHIELD GOLD® FP 5 L5 HB is the only viral combination vaccine labeled to prevent Lepto hardjo-bovis for a full 365 days.

Remember that each herd is different. Talk to your herd veterinarian to discuss vaccine selection and vaccination program schedules that best fit your operation and management needs.

Visit to learn more about vaccines that can help protect your reproductive investment.


Do not use in pregnant cattle (abortions can result) unless they were vaccinated, according to label directions, with any BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP or PREGGUARD GOLD FP vaccine prebreeding initially and within 12 months thereafter. Do not use in calves nursing pregnant cows unless their dams were vaccinated within the past 12 months as described above. To help ensure safety in pregnant cattle, heifers must receive at least 2 doses of any BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP or PREGGUARD GOLD FP vaccine with the second dose administered approximately 30 days prebreeding.


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