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Take preventive hoof health measures
Posted by Jessica Light

Heavy rain means mud and muck on dairies across the Midwest. Wet and muddy conditions create the perfect environment for hoof health issues.

 Take preventive measures to help minimize hoof health challenges.

  • Make dry hooves a priority.
  • Trim hooves at least once per lactation.
  • Keep pens and stalls clean and dry.
  • Use a footbaths to help remove erosive materials from hooves.

Producers who use footbaths on their operations also have to keep in mind the environmental impact of this management tool. Now you can actively manage footbaths — and reduce the amount of copper you put in the lagoon or in the soil — with help from the state-of-the-art formulation of HOOF-TEC footbath products, now from Zoetis. HOOF-TEC footbath products help run more-efficient footbaths by reducing copper sulfate use by up to 40%.* With less copper use and sound footbath management, producers can achieve Dairy Wellness from the ground up.

Consult your veterinarian about hoof health management. Learn more about footbath set-up and maintenance at


 *Based on traditional copper sulfate dosage rate of 5% of footbath volume. Copper sulfate dosage with HOOT-TEC 1000 Footbath Concentrate is reduced to a rate of 3% of footbath volume. The change in dosage results in a 40% reduction of copper sulfate use.

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